Noah Pic 2

My path to storytelling started in high school, when a short play I wrote premiered at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve been telling stories ever since.

There’s a lot of important reasons to tell stories. To persuade. To challenge. To teach. To connect. To make people happy.

And yet, while these are all extremely important to me, none of them are my reason. My driving motive for telling stories is that I love doing it. When I’m directing and I see an actor lose themselves in the character; or I’m editing and I find the perfect cut; or I’m writing and a line speaks to me, that’s why I do it.

To me, nothing is more satisfying than a story well told. Whether it’s a poem, a marketing piece, a promotional video, a social post, or my own films, I will find the story, and I will make it sing.